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Welcome to Habitat Dome Limited

With almost 5 years invested in the provision of quality furniture products that stands the test of time, we are a growing brand and market leader in both the office furniture and fitting as well as home improvement business in Nigeria.

In barely half a decade, we have worked with several leading corporations in various industries in Nigeria, offering a comprehensive 3D space plan, furniture layout and design, and production of durable furniture items that can be used as long as our customers choose.

We also offer a maintenance service package and an aftersales service designed to keep our customer`s furniture looking new and pristine for a long time; these services are designed to match international standards in the furniture industry.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the reference point in providing a one stop shop for all your furniture and fittings at home and at work, while providing quality service delivery to your doorstep.

Our Mission

To create a secure and comfortable atmosphere for our clients, through our ergonomically designed office seatings, efficient desk systems and home furniture whilst providing the right ambience.

Our Clientele

Our clientele base covers a wide range of corporate entities in the different sectors of the Nigerian economy. These include:

  • The banking Sector
  • The Telecomm Sector
  • The FMCG Sector
  • The ICT sub-sector
  • The Consulting Sector
  • The Media Industry

Our Policy Statements


We are regularly updated with industry developments and design to produce, listening and understanding what our clients want. To us, every customer has a story to tell, our job is to interpret professionally.


We are able to accommodate a wide range of budget, but do not compromise standards. All our products come with a large range of warranty options subject to usage conditions. We advise our esteemed clients to have a maintenance service plan; we are proactive.


All Habitat Dome products are safe are produced with clean and environmentally friendly materials. We do not use chemicals that can harm the environment or human, and fully abide by environmental protocols.


At Habitat Dome, we are open to ideas at all times and believe in improvement at all levels; our out-of-box approach to our jobs has helped us to grow at a fast pace, while creativity and functionality remains our watch word.

Other things you may expect from us
  • To be honest and ethical with you at all times
  • To attend to your enquiries promptly and courteously
  • To listen with an open mind
08092233441, 08189904477
enquiries@habitatdomelimited.com, marketing@habitatdomelimited.com

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